Lunch menu

Black barley

Roasted butternut, honey glazed figs, prosciutto, Pickled Beetroot & sweet balsamic. -VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Falafel & hummus salad

Pickled red cabbage & roquito peppers. -VEGAN-

Quinoa & roasted cauliflower

Pomegranate, pistachio, mint with hanger steak. -VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Caramelized red onion & goats cheese frittata

With lemon rocket. -VEGETARIAN-

Sweet potato rosti

Avocado, black bean salsa & poached egg. -VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Butternut squash soup

With chilli cream. -VEGETARIAN-

Sweet potato soup

With basil & vanilla crème.-VEGETARIAN-

Pea and parmesan soup

Mint & smoked parmesan. -VEGAN-

Spiced potato fritters

Moroccan couscous & homemade coleslaw. -VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Thai sweet potato & chickpea curry

Crunchy chickpeas, rice & coriander. -VEGAN-

Mediterranean spiced chicken

Fondant sweet potato & Moroccan couscous

Risotto de setas

Wild mushrooms, smoked parmesan.-VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi

Pesto cream, broccoli & sun dried tomato. -VEGETARIAN-

Melanzane parmigiana

Aubergines,parmesan,& tomatoes. -VEGETARIAN / VEGAN-

Lamb ragu paccheri

12 hour slow cooked in red wine, & smoked parmesan shavings

Grilled chicken in a citrus & basil butter

Spinach & almond rice

Crab and ricotta cannelloni

with lemon rocket

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Pesto, lemon zest, mushrooms, Wilted spinach & parmesan -VEGETARIAN-

Chorizo & BBQ Butter Beans

Toasted artisan sourdough, Crispy onion & olive oil.

Peach, Raspberry & Orange Salad

Duck or Falafel croquettes & Sweet citrus dressing. -VEGETARIAN-

Crab & Carrot Arancini

Rocket & roasted red peppers, Basil ricotta & pesto

Boudin Noir Croquettes

Spiced apple compote, crispy onion, Roasted potato & glazed baby carrots

Pappardelle alla Fiesolana

Tomato, cream, white wine, Pancetta & onions