Gaumande believes every day should start and end with a great culinary experience.

We know its hard to plan for every meal when you’re a busy professional… so let us do it for you. From Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner taken care for you by our experienced chefs.. no more takeaways or microwave meals, Only Quality Gourmet From Gaumande. Order ahead and have the whole week planned out for you Delivered in intervals during the week for maximum freshness and quality.


Lifestyle Meal Plan

Our Lifestyle Meal Plans are delivered to your home every week with fresh meals from our menu & endless choice from our rolling weekly specials.

Lunch Plan

Our Lunch Plans are only offered to a handful of businesses in which we have formed partnerships with to provide gourmet lunch options for their employees or co-workers. Gourmet lunches delivered to your offices by every weekday lunchtime.
Our 21 strong menu means you’ll never be stuck for choice & our weekly specials will always keep things interesting. Order every week by Wednesday in advance

We offer a 30% discount for every additional person subscribed,
perfect for professional couples or cohabiters!